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The Golf Guide magazine brings you tips from the pros. Here's some great advice from Mike Wynn, Golf Pro at Jackson's Chase (in 2002), to help master the difficult sand shots.


Love Letters In The Sand —
Trapped Again!

Other than First Tee Anxiety, the sand shot is considered the most dreaded shot in golf. You watch the professionals on TV just pop it right out on the green and you think how do they make it look so easy. Guess what? It took practice and patience. Here are a couple of tips that may help your play out of the bunker.

To hit the green side bunker shot correctly, the club must contact the sand first. In order to do this, you must open your stance and club face, and the weight should be favoring your back foot about 60/40. On the take away, the golf club should come up and outside with a cut-across motion with the golf club finishing high.

One of the most frequently asked questions about green side bunker shots is how to spin the ball and make it back up like the pros. In order to spin the ball, you must hit closer to the ball with more club head speed and soft hands. This is a tough shot to master.

Your second shot to the green lands short and you are faced with a long green side bunker shot. There are three keys to success here.

Here's a shot even the pros have difficulty with. The ball is plugged in the sand. The dreaded Fried Egg. Most players want to play this type of shot with a closed club face with the ball back in their stance and the weight on their front foot.

Actually, it's just the opposite. The stance and club face should be open and the weight on the back foot. Swing the club back up and then down. Hit behind the ball and do not try to finish. The ball should pop straight up.

There are many types of shots that can be played from the bunker. These are just a few. But with some practice and patience, I hope these tips will help.

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